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As an Academic Consultant holding a PhD in Computer Science/Robotics and a specialized degree in AI, I bring over 15 years of expertise in academia and the tech industry.

With a successful track record advising universities on maintaining academic integrity, I possess a nuanced understanding of how students navigate emerging technologies. Let me leverage my background to assist your institution in developing a robust program that cultivates a culture of honesty and accountability.

Moreover, my deep understanding of how industry and academia can collaborate for mutual benefit positions me to bridge the gap between the needs of both sectors. I am attuned to the specific requirements of both industry and academia, ensuring that today's education remains relevant and tailored to the evolving needs of students.

Moreover, my profound understanding of the symbiotic relationship between industry and academia uniquely positions me to facilitate seamless collaboration. I am adept at fostering connections, and enabling universities to engage effectively with industry partners and vice versa. By aligning the needs of both sectors, I can contribute to the development of educational programs that not only meet the demands of today's students but also establish mutually beneficial relationships between academic institutions and the dynamic world of industry.

Academic Interity

Book a call to discuss how I can help with academic intergrity


Academia & Industry

Book a call to discuss how I can help with academic intergrity

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