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Dr. Tamie Salter

PhD in Robotics | Award-Winning Technologist | Academic Innovation & Integrity specialist |App Developer | Author | Prof

I am an award-winning computer science technologist with extensive experience spanning academia and commercial enterprise.

I am the founder of two tech-based companies, Citizen Alert Inc. (app-based) and Que Innovations Inc. (robotics-based). Additionally, I have served as a chief technologist for a technology company. Currently, I am dedicated to non-profit projects utilizing AI technologies.

In the realm of academia, I've shared my expertise as a computer science professor in Canada, the UK, and Italy. Over the years, I have taught, developed university courses from scratch, written an academic book, and supervised MSc students in research AI projects. My academic certificates include a Ph.D. in Robotics from the University of Hertfordshire and a certificate in Technology Entrepreneurship from Stanford University.

My passion for innovation is evident in all my projects, which aim to create accessible and useful software for everyone. By combining my computer science background with real-world business experience, I specialize in helping programmers, computer scientists, entrepreneurs, and businesses develop innovative, unique tools and skills that align with both business needs and customer expectations.

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